Are you feeling backed up? Do you feel fatigued, swollen, sore, aching, foggy in the mind, or are you suffering from an auto immune disease, arthritis, water retention, fibromyalgia, heart problems, high BP, migraines that start in the back of the neck then move up to the top of your head, not able to sweat easily, or just feel like things aren’t moving? If so then your lymphatic system is probably backed up.

Your Lymphatic system is a big part of your immune system. It is responsible for transporting cellular debris (toxins), and reabsorbing fat from your muscles and organs back into the blood stream where it eventually leaves your body through your urine, or gets reused if need be. When it gets congested, suppressed, or backed up your immune response is greatly impaired, this can lead to anything from chronic colds, sinus congestion, arthritis, or even cancer and much much more.

We offer the Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Lymphatic a rare method to find, which helps to pump the the toxins and debris out of your lymphatic system, decongesting it so that it can function more efficiently. This treatment goes along very well with any detox program and is a great way to prepare for deeper detoxing. Not only that but this type of massage helps to restore your body’s natural alignment so that your lymphatic system can run more efficiently on its own. A very relaxing massage we also incorporate your doshic needs using the oils or lotions that correspond to your body’s constitution. Most patients actually drain onto the sheets, go down in shirt and pant sizes, watch cellulite disappear and feel much lighter.

If you think you may have lymphatic suppression or would like to prevent it from occurring please contact our office and make an appointment.

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