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Dr. Sandeep Chaudhary

Dr. Sandeep Chaudhary


Dr. Sandeep Chaudhary is dedicated to the success of his clients from both a hormonal and overall wellness perspective. He combines both his knowledge of Ayurveda with his training in Endocrinology to help his patients obtain a balanced state of health. As part of his ground breaking work, he co-developed the program in the book The Prime along with Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary. Dr. Chaudhary helps maintain hormonal balance through a guided, scientific approach to bio-identical hormones, with a special emphasis on treating estrogen dominance. He also uses his unique knowledge in thyroid dysfunction to help balance both T4 and T3 levels. In addition, he manages other endocrine conditions such as adrenal insufficiency, pituitary disorders through a combination of integrative practices that modify diet, lifestyle, and stress.

Dr. Chaudhary received his M.D. from the USC School of Medicine. He completed his combined Internal Medicine and Pediatric training at the Loma Linda Medical Center and then finished his fellowship in Endocrinology at UCSD. Dr. Chaudhary has been triple board certified in the fields of Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, and Endocrinology. He received his Master’s degree in Applied Physiology from the Chicago Medical School and his Bachelors of Science from UCLA.

Dr. Laura Miramontes

Dr. Laura Miramontes

Naturopathic Doctor/ Ayurveda

After working at an Integrative Neurology clinic for years, my eyes were forever opened to the life changing transformation that takes place when natural medicine enters the treatment picture. Natural medicine fills in the gaps of conventional medicine, by helping to ease side effects and address minor ailments unanswered by medications. I continue to see the lives of patient after patient become enriched with simple changes to their diet and routine, and this is why my philosophy is rooted in using Ayurvedic medicine as a source of inspiration for healing.

Dr. Miramontes is the founder of Heal San Diego. She holds her Degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, San Diego. She has extensive training in Ayurvedic Medicine in both the US and South India. Additional advanced certifications include: Craniosacral Therapy and PRP Injections of the Face, Scalp, and Joints. She holds her BS in Business Administration from University of San Diego, and she is passionate about giving back to her local and global community.

Joshua Singh

Joshua Singh

LMT, Reiki Master, Varmam Therapist, Yoga Instructor

Joshua Singh is passionate about helping people return to natural balance so that they experience more joy in their lives. His heart centered approach combines Varma, Chanting, Aayurveda, massage therapy, bodywork, yoga, meditation, and Reiki in order to assess, treat, and empower his patients to attain success in their healing journey. His 17 years of practicing healing work has given him a unique and holistic perspective on healing.

Joshua suffered a stroke at 25 years of age, resulting in weakness in his left arm and leg. The doctors predicted that he would not be able to use his left arm and leg normally again. This experience propelled him to explore alternative healing methods to regain the use of his limbs. Joshua pursued acupuncture, massage, Reiki, yoga, meditation and Aayurveda and ultimately restored 95% of his strength. He was so inspired by the results of his personal transformation that he decided to dedicate his life to learning these healing techniques to help people.

Joshua is a massage therapist and Aayurvedic practitioner by training who embarked upon an extensive 7-year journey of studies throughout India, Thailand, and Cambodia, tremendously influencing his approach to healing. He spent the majority of his time studying yoga, Aayurveda, Vedic and Buddhist chanting, meditation, ancient massage, and traditional Thai healing techniques.

Joshua studied massage and bodywork in the U.SA., India, and Thailand. In 2006-2007 he spent time living and studying with Jah Bou, a Buddhist sage, in the rice fields of northern Thailand, where he learned ancient Buddhist healing practices that address the physical and spiritual aspects of disease and suffering. He studied Reiki with Rev. Fran Brown, Hawaya Takata’s 7th Reiki Master. He has studied Yoga with many instructors worldwide, including Katchiananada, Pattabhi Jois, Noah Maze, and many more. Joshua has recently studied traditional Varma therapy with through a traditional Gurukul Lineage, in Tamil Nadu India. Joshua now lives and studies under his most beloved Guru Sri Sakthi Amma and is the Head of department of therapies at the Sri Narayani Holistic Centre in Thirumalakodai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Learn more about Joshua and his work and offerings at https://nadahealing.one/