Doctors Chaudhary have both positively affected our lives since we became patients as soon as they established their practice in San Diego. We needed more than just the traditional mechanics of eat right, exercise and take your scheduled medicines to improve the quality of our lives. We were faced with the mental and physical strain of degrading Multiple Sclerosis and the onset of Type II Diabetes. Both Doctors introduced us and counseled us on a better approach to our total health and overall wellbeing. They are intelligent, articulate, compassionate and passionate people. They care that you understand what’s happening with you and that you fully understand what you might do about it. Once you understand the beneficial outcomes of the choices open to you, life simply improves. Logic supports the not too difficult changes. Continuous visible benefits sustain and enhance results. Sleep is better, diet is better, and attitude toward all things improves. Decisions become clearer and better. With less stress, relationships also improve. You recognize that you can make a difference in your life and the progression of your disease and focus your attention on doing so. Our friends and family commented on the positive impact to the quality of our personal and professional lives. With all that we have encountered over the past five years, it’s difficult to imagine how we would have endured without the whole wellness approach opened by the Doctors Chaudhary. They have become much more than physicians, they are true friends interested in our whole wellbeing.

This was a health solution that I was looking for a very long time (years). The first doctor I chose began to see me twice a week for more than a year, of course with medications alone. I didn’t improve at all. Then I realized that he couldn’t help me and I chose the second doctor, and then the third one. They all tried different medications. I continued to become sicker and my family was very concerned. My family then chose a “very famous one” so I went under his treatment for a year with other medications. I was already losing the will to live and of course my quality of life suffered dramatically as a consequence. One day I came to him and told him that I was losing my hair and he answered coldly that he knew it was due to a medicine that he prescribed but that it will grow back eventually. I wanted to kill him. This was the last appointment I attended.

By that time I was a “dead person alive”. My family gathered to make a decision about me and it was decided that I will go to Scripps to see Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary in La Jolla. I stayed with my daughter for 7 weeks and underwent treatments that Dr Chaudhary prescribed to me for detoxification. It was a very tough time but it was worth while because health began to enter my body. All the Ayurvedic therapies that Dr. Chaudhary prescribed to me I took very seriously because each week I was improving! I began to see light in my life!

Dr. Chaudhary began to see me every three months and I’ve been following her Ayurvedic program religiously. I CAME BACK TO LIFE! I am doing and enjoying so many things that I cultivated throughout my life. I am very, very grateful to God, my very dear family and friends, and especially to Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary.

Taking my company to the 316th position of Mexico’s 500 Most Important Corporations required more than 30 years of constant work and a huge amount of stress… My quality of life was severely compromised as a result of the extraordinary workload involved in this endeavor. I was permanently exhausted and I simply could not get any rest. Headaches were always present and I often suffered from insomnia. My gastric intestinal system was constantly challenged. Taking too many medications to cope with the problems that my body and my mind were facing on a daily basis seemed the logical thing to do, but the results were counterproductive…

From my very first visit to Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary my life changed… A new nutritional system and a revolutionary set of good habits that were immediately incorporated to my daily life were the foundation of the new person that I am now… My energy level is at its peak, my headaches disappeared and I am completely relaxed and with an excellent mental attitude that allows me to be in control of my existence… Thanks to Dr. Chaudhary’s guidance and recommendations I was truly able to recuperate my life and my joy to live it fully…!

I was introduced to Dr. Chaudhary in 2008. Her approach to my personal health care is very different and pleasantly enlightening. She empowers me; giving me hope and excitement. In turn she and I are seeing very positive results. Dr. Chaudhary works with me formulating a customized health care restoration plan for me to implement in my daily routine. I feel the difference in my body, see the difference in my appearance, and know the difference in my thought process and outlook on life presently and hopes for the future, all which are confirmed to me with the reaction from my family and friends who consistently ask what I am doing so different in my life. I contribute the changes to me implementing the wisdom, knowledge, teachings, and directions of Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary and my willingness to follow them.