Living Well: March 2010

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Finding Inner Peace

by Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary

If we all have faith in our strength and in the laws of the universe, which are here only to bring us joy, we remain in awe of the ocean despite its fluctuating waves.  It takes effort to suffer.  It is effortless to be happy because it is our natural state of mind.  It is as easy to be happy as it is to jump out of a plane and fall towards the earth–there is a gravitational pull towards our happiness and we actually have to resist it to be unhappy. Click here to read more about finding inner peace from Dr. Chaudhary.

Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary is passionate about helping people achieve their goals by fine-tuning their health. Click here to read more about Dr. Chaudhary.

What is your dosha?

by Dr. Trupti Gokani

According to Ayurvedic literature, there exist three energies (doshas) that govern the functions in the body. Traditional medicine looks at the structure of the body. Ayurvedic medicine takes into account the energy behind the physical structure. I will briefly explain the 3 Doshas. We are often governed by one lead dosha along with another that is secondary. Click here to continue reading about dosha-typing.

Dr. Gokani is a board-certified neurologist who specializes in headaches. Visit the Wellspring Health website to learn more about her.

Recipe of the week: Mung Dhal

A time-honored Ayurvedic dish, mung dhal is easy to digest and balancing to all three doshas. Mung beans are used whole or, more commonly, split and hulled, a form called mung dhal in India. These beans don’t need pre-soaking and are a snap to cook to butter-soft consistency. The versatility of this soupy dhal makes it a great protein-rich starter or side dish. Click here to get the recipe.

Quote of the Week

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent.  It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

– Charles Darwin

Upcoming Events

“Seven Powerful Habits to Increase Health & Wealth”

Morgan Run Resort & Club – March 28, 201

Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, founder and head neurologist at Wellspring Health in Scripps Memorial, proudly announces her second seminar, “Seven Powerful Habits for Health and Wealth in 2010.” The interactive full-day seminar is back for an encore following a sold-out event in January.

The program focuses on shifts in diet, daily routine and stress management as its core. Dr. Chaudhary will also explain why traditional medical practices often don’t incorporate these types of progressive and preventative tactics. Attendees will learn to look at their health plan the way they look at a business plan and they’ll receive the tools to ensure they thrive. By creating a plan with goals and benchmarks, people can learn to measure their progress and guide their success. This highly intensive day will include interactive and experiential learning opportunities. Attendees will walk away with knowledge and clear strategies to ensure they will be able to make small shifts in their life that hold the key to increased health and clarity. Morgan Run’s secluded location and pristine nature is idyllic to appreciate and connect with inner selves for an intensive day of reflection and learning.

Click here to learn more or to sign up for the event.