Why Buttermilk?
This buttermilk recipe is very different from what you normally think of as buttermilk. This recipe is often used to restore beneficial bacteria in the body. It is very good for assimilation and provides an excellent source of crucial digestive microbes.

Ingredients: (for one serving)
¼ cup fresh, cold yogurt
¾ cup purified cold water
¼ tsp cumin powder
¼ cup coriander leaf (also called cilantro)
1 pinch rock salt (or sea salt as substitute)

Pour yogurt in blender and blend by itself on low for 3-5 minutes
Add water and blend again on low for 3-5 minutes
Collect fatty foam on top and discard
Repeat blending and removing foam until mixture is watery but cloudy in color
Add spices and stir by hand briefly
Serve at room temperature

Helpful Tip:
For this recipe, it is best to use fresh, cold yogurt and cold water.