Finding inner peace

I went for a beautiful walk on the beach one morning.  I always feel like my greatest lessons come from watching and listening to nature.  


The waves have changed so much over the past few weeks.  After the earthquake in Chile, they were massive, tumultuous waves that were jumping across the highway.  Sometimes the waves are playful, like children jumping in the water.  On other days they have been so calm and serene that you barely notice them.  Yet despite all of the changes on the surface, the deep waters of the ocean always remain the same—undisturbed by the constant changes on the surface.


It made me think of how much change on the surface level effects our lives.  Yet, in the depths of our hearts, there is always a constant stream of love and stability that does not change.  When we pay attention only to the surface waves, which are constantly changing, it is easy to feel overshadowed.  However, when we stay connected to the depths of our true nature we remain undisturbed.  The goal of the journey in life is to enjoy the waves and whenever there is a storm that causes the waters to become tumultuous, then remember the depth of who we really are.


If we all have faith in our strength and in the laws of the universe, which are here only to bring us joy, we remain in awe of the ocean despite its fluctuating waves.  It takes effort to suffer.  It is effortless to be happy because it is our natural state of mind.  It is as easy to be happy as it is to jump out of a plane and fall towards the earth—there is a gravitational pull towards our happiness and we actually have to resist it to be unhappy.


Sometime this week, take a walk by the ocean and appreciate the wisdom it offers you.


Wishing you health and happiness,

Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary