What is the Habit Change Method?

Our habits are consistent patterns of choice and behavior that govern the way we live every day. Our habits are so well established that we are barely aware of them and naturally resist changing them. The resistance to changing habits is very strong. How we eat, exercise, sleep, learn, relax and relate to others is critical to our vitality. Even when we know that a change in our habits will improve or save our lives, we often cannot make these changes. Less than 10% of us choose, change and sustain the habits that would be best for our lives. Why are we unable to change our habits? The 3 founders of the Habit Change Company worked on this challenge. They knew better habits would build healthier, more productive, happier lives. They spent 7 years researching habit identification, habit choice and habit change, seeking a new sustainable solution. At Wellspring Health, we have adopted the knowledge gained from these studies and combined it with Ayurvedic principles to offer our clients the most powerful solutions to managing their health and wellness.

The Habit Areas that we work through in a comprehensive and integrated manner are:

1. RESILIENCE: Our capacity to survive and flourish is compromised by the lack of awareness of our habits and their consequences. Meditation heightens awareness of ourselves. Meditation reduces stress and anxiety, and improves relaxation and resilience.

2. NUTRITION: What and how much we eat and drink directly affect our health and longevity. We are what we eat and drink, but most of us are unaware of our nutritional habits and their consequences.

3. EXERCISE: Regular physical activity can transform health. Building habits of physical activity promotes physical, emotional, spiritual health and an overall sense of well-being.

4. SLEEP: The importance and benefits of adequate restful sleep are poorly understood. We assess sleep needs and improve participants’ sleep habits and conditions for restful sleep.

5. LEARNING: Lifelong learning and active use of the cognitive function are essential to well-being and happiness. Emerging brain research on neuro-plasticity indicates that a more mindful approach to learning sustains cognitive functioning.

6. FRIENDSHIP: Enduring and meaningful friendships are key to health and happiness over a lifetime. A network of healthy relationships enhances open mindedness, mental acuity and emotional stability. Positive social networks produce compelling benefits.

7. SIMPLICITY: Our lives are overrun with activities, busyness and possessions. Having a clear profile of our personal values, how time is spent and the complexity of everyday activities helps to set priorities, avoid self-indulgence and achieves a spirit of humility.

8. SPIRITUALITY: Habit change is profoundly spiritual. We help participants discover and nourish their deepest values, motivations and aspirations. This spiritual foundation guides progress in all other Habit Areas. A life lived in this spirit leads to an enlightened conscience, gratitude, harmony, peace and sustaining energy.