Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding (Kheer)

Why Rice Pudding?

This recipe is a satisfying dessert or side dish for lunch or dinnertime.


1 cup water

½ cup Basmati or similar whole-grain rice

4 cups whole, organic milk

1 tsp chopped dates

2 tsp cashews or pistachios

3 pieces green cardamom, crushed

1 tsp cane sugar (or to taste)


Soak rice in water.

In medium sauce pan, boil milk.

Add soaked rice and all other ingredients to boiling milk.

Boil mixture slowly for 30 minutes or more until mixture slightly thickens but you can stir it easily.

Pour into serving dish.

Helpful Tip:

The pudding will thicken as it cools. Serve warm but not hot.