A Healthy Addiction

Over the past 10 years the mindset of what constitutes a workout dramatically changed in my opinion. For athletes there will be a certain degree of heavier lifting and strenuous workouts, but for the person who just wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle there has been a big move away from the push-pull mentality (i.e.: bench press, squats…) to focusing more on strengthening the core and developing the nervous system. Much of the older heavier weight lifting compacts the body while the newer push is to lengthen the body in workouts. These newer types of workout programs are suitable to all age ranges, young to old, and can be modified to suit each individuals needs.

My personal favorite workout is in the water and requires hydro-tone bells for the hands and feet and a buoyancy belt to keep you floating. Workouts in the water relieve most all the stress placed on the body by gravity and allow smooth and controlled movements to stimulate the body’s muscles. There are plenty of alternatives out of the water as well. If you can focus on using your own body weight (walking hills or stairs, push-ups, and pull-ups) or lightweight stretch bands to perform exercises you will drastically reduce your chance of injuries. Exercising, whether it be just walking or lifting weights, makes for a healthier body, builds confidence and creates a higher self-esteem. Take it slow in the beginning to reduce your chance of injuries and build up your endurance. From here let’s hope it becomes a great and healthy addiction!

This article was contributed to Wellspring Health by Steve Finley. A 19+year Major League Baseball veteran, Steve was one of the most successful and respected MLB players during his career.