Incompatible Food Preparation

Proper Food Preparation

1. Food should always be fresh and of the best possible quality.

2. Food is best if warm and well-cooked.

3. Food should always be delicious and pleasing to the eye.

4. Food prepared by a happy, settled cook in a pleasant environment will have the best influence.

Incompatible Foods

This partial list has been developed to help avoid the most common mistakes in food combining found in the western countries. This list is not meant to be comprehensive and health practitioners should use their own methods to determine any specific food allergies. Further guidelines not included here feature foods such as jack fruit, which is not generally available outside of India.

When eating foods in the left column, you should avoid eating foods in the right column for at least one hour afterwards. Eating incompatible foods causes various types of Ama, which are impurities caused by improperly digested foods. Ama clogs the channels of the mind and body, including the microcirculatory channels that are important for proper nutrition and energy. Accumulation of Ama acts as the seed for most disease ranging from allergies and chronic skin problems to high cholesterol. Many lactose intolerances, for instance, are actually due to poor quality milk (highly processed) or poor food combinations.


MILK: Alcohol, fermented foods of any kind (apple cider, soy sauce, vinegar, and salad dressings containing vinegar), citrus (oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, lemons), pickled foods (gerkins and many Indian condiments), eggs of any kind, baked goods containing eggs (breads, cakes, cookies), green leafy vegetables (spinach, kale, broccoli, arugula, etc.), meat of any kind (beef, chicken, pork, turkey), fish, salt, foods containing salt (such as most processed foods, fish, sea food, vegetables, crackers, peanuts),yogurt.

YOGURT: Milk, sour fruits, melons, fish, starches, cheese, bananas

MELONS: Any others foods, especially grains, starches, fried foods, cheese

EGGS: Milk, yogurt, melons, cheese, fruits, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant

CORN: Dates, raisins, bananas

NIGHTSHADES (potato, tomato, eggplant, peppers): Yoghurt, milk, melons, cucumbers